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More About Lesson Story Books My Healthy Reader (MHR) Lesson Story Books are content specific, with a focus on early intervention of social issues that impact the well-being, growth and development of young children.
The Seed Pals are a very diverse set of characters, utilized throughout the MHR Lesson Stories and resource materials, to model healthy choices and behaviors The consistent use of the characters, causes them to become familiar and trusting role models to children parents and educators. The Seed Pals MHR Resources
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Learn More My Healthy Reader strives to provide innovative, engaging and diverse quality resources, with a primary goal to bring awareness and prevention strategies that address social issues, such as Covid 19 obesity, diabetes, bullying and self-esteem.

My Healthy Reader

My Healthy Reader (MHR) is a growing social library, rich in diversity, created to highlight life lessons that will positively impact and shape the minds of young children to make healthy choices. The overall goal of MHR is to provide access to innovative early intervention programs and resources, particularly for young children in underserved communities, such as our MHR lesson story books which address and promote prevention of social issues, like childhood obesity, diabetes, bullying and self-esteem. Our resource materials and products promote literacy, nutrition, physical fitness, healthy behavior, and lifestyle choices.


Awareness & Prevention:

MHR is dedicated to providing awareness of social issues that have an unhealthy impact on children and communities. In addition to providing awareness, MHR resources are designed to help prevent and decrease a growing list of issues such as Covid 19, childhood obesity, diabetes, bullying, and self-esteem.


MHR is determined to meet the need of quality educational resources that enhance both classroom and remote learning experiences for children, educators, parents and care-givers.


MHR is committed to the health and safety of communities, especially those that are underserved. Our resources provide community awareness and assists in the education process of making important healthy choices among children and families, which help in the prevention of important health and social issues, as mentioned above.

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