About My Healthy Reader (MHR):

strives to create and provide quality educational resources, such as our signature “Lesson Story Books” that are part of a growing library that is rich in diversity and created in both English and Spanish, with intentional focus on social issues that plague today’s youth and impact the well-being, growth, and development of young children.

Our Commitment:

Our goal is to create awareness and prevention strategies that address such matters as; Covid-19, obesity, diabetes, bullying, identity, diversity, and self-esteem, by providing access to quality learning tools that teach healthy habits, healthy choices, and healthy behaviors. MHR resources are created for educators, parents, and caregivers at affordable cost.

Our Goal:

• Continue to seek innovative preventative care strategies to assist us in creating educational resources that are engaging and empowering.
• Provide access to effective learning tools that will encourage children to read and have fun.
• Enable children to develop healthy minds, bodies and relationships.

Developing Healthy Minds.


MHR provides empowerment through reading, which builds effective communication, as well as help children sustain focus and attention, control impulses, and develop social skills.



MHR encourages reading, which can cause impacted learning experiences and build language and literacy skills, as well as, cognitive development and social-emotional growth.



MHR combines reading with customized hands on activities that are fun and engaging.