Healthy Habits Fun N Fit Board Game


The Fun-N-Fit Board Game is perfect for meeting the required 60 minutes of daily exercise and meet physical education standards. A fun classroom activity during climate weather or great for home use with entire family. Throw the dice to determine how many spaces to move, then perform the action on the board, i.e., “Do two frog leaps… Do five jumping jacks”. One side of the board is in English text and the other in Spanish. (Great for dual learning)

• Good Nutrition
• Physical Fitness
• Motor Skills
• Health & Wellness

Children Learn To:
• Follow Direction
• Take Turns
• Count
• Social Interaction



Fun-N-Fit Board Game (Two-sided Board in English and Spanish)
18×24 double sided board game,
with English and Spanish text.
(Featuring The Seed Pals)
Includes: game pieces & foam dice