Little Lessons Themed Curriculum (Bundle) Finances Unit (Digital Only)


Little Lessons Themed Curriculum (Bundle) Finances Unit (Digital Only) – Link will be provided within 48 hours of payment notification)

This Finance unit covers an innovative two-week overview on counting, spending and budgeting money for children in grades 2nd – 4th. The bundle includes a three-part series of lesson plans, lesson guides and lesson activities that align with California State standards, as well as assessment activities and additional related resources.

The series Introduces grade level lessons in math and finance; including addition and subtraction calculations that teach children how to count combinations of coins and bills, and early concepts and disciplines of budgeting and saving, as well as goal setting.

Lessons plans involve reading and writing assignments, mathematics, sorting and problem solving. Lesson activities are easy to follow and modifiable. Children receive early critical training in financial literacy, preparing them with skills for real world
money management.



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